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We provide free confidential financial counseling sessions with a nationally certified credit counselor. Our services are available to all Polk County residents regardless of income.

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Services available to all Polk residents regardless of income

Gain access to safe and affordable banking services

Pay down debt and develop budgeting tools

Establish and improve credit with professional guidance

Client Testimonals

Keys to Success

Written by: Lauren Low
December 2022

Read how Nicole Wilson and her son have unlocked the door to homeownership - and a better life  


Everything changed for Nicole Wilson once she entered the doors of the Evelyn K Davis Center  and learned that her dream of homeownership could become a reality with the utilization of the Polk County Financial Empowerment Center (PCFEC). In January 2023, Nicole crossed the threshold into her first house. Just weeks before, Nicole’s 21-year-old son was also able to open the doors to homeownership by listening to his mother’s advice.  

“Save. That’s what I [taught] him....and that’s what he did,” Nicole said. “He’s not broke, because he knows how to budget, and that really does stem from what I learned.” 

Nicole ensured everything she absorbed from the PCFEC was passed on to her children. She had learned a great deal of information from sessions with a nationally certified financial counselor through the PCFEC. 

Alongside her son, Nicole laid the foundation for a dream she had harbored for years. 

“Being a homeowner was just something that was far-fetched to me, even though it wassomethingthat I always wanted,” Nicole said. 

PCFEC's services put people in a position where they can buy a home themselves as well as spread their new knowledge to future generations. This was carried out with the PCFEC’s assistance to one client – Nicole – resulting in two purchased homes so far.  

PCFEC assisted Nicole every step of the way. Once she began collaborating with her financial counselor using this free public service program, Nicole learned countless financial tips, including how to budget and handle her credit score – a process she had not focused on before. 

“If you’re interested in purchasing a house, this is the place to be because the services are free, which is a big deal when you’re already trying to save money,” Nicole said. “It may seem small to some people, but just those first steps of actually doing something really turned my life around.” 

The Evelyn K Davis Center and Polk County Financial Empowerment Center are proud to have helped Nicole realize her potential.  


Stopping the Floodwaters

Writen by: Lauren Low
January 2023

Denise Cavil felt like she was drowning in debt until she walked into the Polk County Financial Empowerment Center at the Evelyn K Davis Center (PCFEC). With the help of her financial counselors, Denise has been pulled out of the water and has a fresh start to life.

“It’s like the floodgates of knowledge have been opened,” Denise said. “The water was up to my neck. There was a lifesaver called Evelyn K Davis Center that pulled me out of that drowning pit.

"In September 2022, Denise and her husband found themselves stuck. They were sinking deep into debtand Denise was being pulled in many directions as a minister and caretaker for her husband and parents.She was considering filing for bankruptcy when Denise remembered the Evelyn K Davis Center (EKDC). She had attended classes several years ago and knew she could count on being helped.

“I didn’t think there was any hope for us,” Denise said. “Things had piled up onme. I had been [to the EKDC] before -I knew there was help. It came across my mind:I need to see if I can work with someone at the Evelyn K Davis Center.

Denise began working with a financial counselor at the PCFEC. Together, they analyzed Denise’s situation and juggled her money around to pay off debts one at a time. However, Denise was soon out of money. The PCFEC encouraged her to call the credit union.

"[Denise’s PCFEC advisor] followed up with me. All questions that I had, he gave me good tips to ask, they guided me through the process, and I got just what I needed,” Denise said.She and her husband got a HELOC loan (Home Equity Line of Credit). At the same time, she was still visiting her PCFEC counselor who taught her to check interest rates, loan coverage, and more helpful tips. “I don’t make enough to pay for financial advisors and [have] never even been financially savvy, so that’s where light bulbs have come on in my mind about money management,” Denise said.Today, Denise’s head is above water again.

She can breathe a sigh of relief that her financial crisis has ended, and she is working with the PCFEC to build the life she wants. Denise recommends the PCFEC’s services to anyone who can relate to the sinking sensation 2022 found her in. “Anyone that feels like nobody cares, like they don’t have any options, [and] young mothers,” Denise said. “I would recommend it to especially those that have beenforgotten.”Today, Denise is swimming uninhibited towards a completely debt-free life. “I’m at a good place,” Denise said.The PCFEC is proud to have thrown her the life preserver she needed.