Digital Skills

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The Digital Skills Course is a program that aims to provide education in the use of information, communication technology or ICT and to encourage higher level thinking and creativity through ICT. Digital Skills will help promote computer based educational resources.

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There are three levels for students to register in this course:

Level 1: Introduction to Basic Computers and Word

Microsoft Word

  • Format with fonts 
  • Use the Format Painter 
  • Change line and paragraph spacing
  • Align paragraphs 
  • Work with tabs and indents
  • Add bullets, numbering, borders and shading

Intro to Basic Computer

  • Starting and logging into Windows
  • Getting to know the Windows desktop 
  • Getting to use Keyboard and Mouse 
  • Shutting down Windows and your computer

Level 1 has 4 modules:

    • ​Module 1 - Introduction to computer
    • Module 2 - Working with files, folders and windows
    • Module 3 - Browsing, Searching the web working with email
    • Module 4 - Using Microsoft Word

Level 2: Beginning Microsoft Excel

  • This test measures the ability to correctly modify and format a professional document in Microsoft word, including but not limited to the following, Creating text, Page Format, Editing Text, Tables References​​

​Level 3: Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook 

    • Enter text in a blank worksheet
    • Calculate sums and use formulas in the worksheet 
    • Format text in the worksheet
    • Assign a name to the worksheet tab 
    • Preview ad print the worksheet