Strong african-american families program ​​

What Families Can Expect:

Youth 6-9th grade and their caregivers who participate will enjoy a fun, family centered program.  Youth and caregivers meet separately during the first part of the program, then together as a family for the second half bringing together all that they have learned.  Activities include games, discussions, arts and crafts and more.  All activities focus on promoting positive youth development and positive family relationships.  The program includes FREE dinner each night, FREE childcare and FREE family event tickets upon graduation.  Click on the link below, register and join in on the family fun!

How does SAAF work?

Positive Results for Families:

  • Enhanced support of youth development and goals
  • Increased cultural pride
  • Increased communication about sex
  • Clearer expectations for alcohol and drug use

Positive Results for Youth:

  • Increased awareness of and focus on future goals
  • Increased skills for resisting peer pressure
  • Increased negative attitudes about drug use and sexual involvement
  • Increased acceptance of parental influence
  • Postponement of sexual involvement

Next Cohort:

In person at the Evelyn K. Davis Center
1171 7th Street
Des Moines, IA​ 50314
Thursdays, 5:30pm to 8:00pm
February 25, 2021 to April 8, 2021
Contact Leonard Bell at​ for further questions and details​.

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