​​​​​​​​Business Coaching

We can help you manage your business with:

  • Management and operations

  • Marketing plans

  • Products and service

  • Social Media

  • Registering your business with the state and federally

  • Business Identity

  • Formalizing business entity

Whether you are starting a small business or looking to grow a one on one coaching session will serve your purpose.

Non-Profit Development

This program is an investment in the growth of nonprofit organizations in the Greater Des Moines area. In this Boot Camp, nonprofits learn from experts on topics ranging from marketing, grant writing, tax and financial planning, alternative funding streams, building and managing a board, and recruiting volunteers. Dates and times to be determined.​

Small Business Team!

Small Business Team!

Curtis Baugh
Curtis Baugh
Business Consultant
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Kris Markham
Kris Markham
Small Business Financial Coach
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Nadia Ahissou
Nadia Ahissou
Small Business Consultant

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Client Spotlight

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Small Business Spotlight: Jayna Lidan


When I was younger I was a size 0 and I could never wear certain clothing items because they never fit length wise or in my chest. I had also struggled with a lot of bullying about my size. I was told I wasn’t attractive because I was too skinny and people would stage interventions because they thought I was anorexic. On the other hand after I had my children I remember going into a clothing store and struggling to find styles that would look good on my new body type and to top it off there was no one there to really care or help when I just wanted advice. I remember deciding to play it on the safe side and grab a size 8 pair of jeans to try on. I ended up breaking down in tears after trying on every size from an 8 to a 14.

J.Lidan’s focus is to create a space where this does not happen to anyone else. I have done away with the wholesale mindset that one size fits all. I offer customized clothing options for size/body type and use body positivity reinforcement words for our size names. At J.Lidan, normal is beautiful and beauty is defined by you!

The name of my collection is Metamorphosis: The Path to Healing. My inspiration behind my collection is based off my own experience of sexual trauma and the journey of my healing process. When it comes to sexual trauma we tend to focus on the bad part then the good parts but we don’t really talk about the process of healing and inbetween. I am still working on healing and my collection is part of that. My message to anyone else going through the same struggle is you are worthy of love and you deserve to be happy. The pain and trauma never go away but eventually you will learn how to deal with it in a healthy way. It is okay to feel the way you do. It is okay to sit in the emotions for awhile. You are strong and you are worthy. You are a fighter and a survivor.


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